Welcome to Therapy

I deeply believe in the transformative power of being truly seen and heard, to better understand how you move through your world and in relationship with loved ones.  My approach is both warm and direct; my goal is to help people hold space for the discomfort of growth, the pain of vulnerability, and the hopefulness of change.

As a perinatal therapist I work to with individuals and couples to gain insight, understanding and perspective. When parenthood does not meet expectations, parents can feel uneasy, overwhelmed, and ashamed. My goal is to provide a safe space in which people may express the depth of their pain, feel validated and access the support and tools for wellness.

I work successfully with individuals and couples to create confidence, meaning and connection in their lives. I do this by helping you to learn to look and observe with curiosity and compassion. Together, we will look at your thoughts, feelings and experiences in an effort to gain understanding and provide you with the tools for lasting change.

Please contact me for an individual or couples therapy consultation today.